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Shanna Underwood: Fieldnotes From A Caravan

Shanna Underwood

Country Acoustic

Shanna Underwood: Fieldnotes From A Caravan

Produced by: Shanna Underwood and Azal Khan

Released: 2011





Fieldnotes From A Caravan is an album of songs written by Shanna Underwood on her travels through Nepal, Thailand, and the United States. The album was released in January 2011 and includes an assortment of musicians including, upright bass, drums, electric guitar, fiddle, and harmonica. She herself sings and plays acoustic guitar. The style of the music might be called country blues, although many of the songs are more of a country acoustic style. Her vocals are very rich and well blended with the instruments. The musicianship is excellent as well her song writing. Read more

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